Certification Procedure

The BIS Certification process usually includes:

  1. Preparation and evaluation of application documents and submission
  2. Product test from recognized testing facility in India
  3. Certification
  4. Marking and labelling of product

Factory audit and follow up test might be required depending on the type of products. Classification of products should be assessed from case to case. Based on the two schemes, the procedures may vary:

Procedure of Scheme 1 – ISI

  1. Fill-up the Prescribed Application Form along with necessary documentation
  2. Nominate an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) using prescribed Nomination Form.
  3. Ensure that application is complete.
  4. Submit duly filled-in and complete application along with required fee, documentation (in duplicate) and Nomination Form of AIR at FMCD, BIS Headquarters, New Delhi
  5. ISI is Licensing Scheme, therefore after acceptance of the submitted documents date for factory audit will be given and after successful completion of factory audit License number will be allocated.

Procedure of Scheme 2 – CRS

  1. Create BIS login for Factory.
  2. Submit test request to desired lab.
  3. Get the product tested.
  4. Prepare BIS documents.
  5. Submit the application in BIS along with required Fee.
  6. Wait for the registration certificate to be Granted.
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