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About Helpdesk on Indian Chemical Regulations

The Helpdesk on Indian Chemical Regulations is created by RRMA (Regulatory Representatives and Managers Association) to enable enterprises and their regulatory team to access recent updates on chemical regulations in India. On this site we have gathered regulations and rules including Chemical (Management and Safety) Rules (CMSR, India REACH), BIS, Agrochemical and Cosmetics Regulation in India and present them in diverse languages. Our goal is to provide enterprises and their regulatory teams with accurate, streamlined and up-to-date information on regulations in India.

About Regulatory Representatives and Managers Association (RRMA)

Regulatory Representatives and Managers Association (RRMA) is a membership-based association to promote understanding of chemical compliance and capacity building for the industry towards responsible business management.

RRMA circulates regulatory updates to its members via diverse channels such as newsletters, webinars, and conferences. Based on one’s regulatory experience, sector, and qualification, RRMA also maintains a database of talents in regulatory affairs called “Regulatory Managers”. To minimize animal-testing, RRMA engages with diverse projects and cooperation including, minimizing duplication of animal studies, coordinating animal studies and facilitating sharing of such studies amongst the Industry managers, and compilation of data relating to Phys-chem, environmental fate, eco-toxicity, and toxicity.

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For more information or any inquiries, please contact us via email (helpdesk@indianchemicalregulation.com). 

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