India considers adding 58 chemicals to the BIS compulsory list in 2023

India’s Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals (DCPC) organized a stakeholder consultation meeting on 22 December 2022 to consider adding 58 chemicals to the BIS compulsory list.

Since 2018, 63 chemicals have been added to the BIS Scheme I or the compulsory list. Out of these 63 chemicals, 25 have been implemented. In 2023, 38 chemicals will be implemented according to various deadlines. Once the chemicals are included in the BIS list, manufacturers, traders, and importers will need BIS certification to be permitted to operate and they must carry the relevant BIS standards specification mark on the packaging and labels of their products.

The 58 chemicals that were discussed at the meeting are regulated under the Rotterdam Convention. Further information on the implementation date of mandatory quality control orders for these chemicals can be expected in 2023. Click here to see the list of 58 chemicals.


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