India extends enforcement dates for Quality Control Orders for three chemicals

The Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals has extended the Quality Control Orders (QCOs) for three chemicals. On 26 September 2023, a notification was published in the Gazette of India in consultation with Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) extending enforcement dates of the QCOs for three chemicals. The chemicals and revised dates are as follows: 

Chemicals Indian standard Previous implementation date Extended date 
Maleic Anhydride IS 5149:2020 24 April 2023 24 April 2024 
Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymers IS 13601: 1993 3 April 2023   3 April 2024 
Polyethylene Material for Moulding and Extrusion IS 7328:2020 3 April 2023   5 January 2024 

The Quality Control Order is the regulation that requires concerned substances to carry the certification mark of the Bureau of Indian Standards. The existing rules will remain in force until the implementation of the new QCOs. 

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